Engineered from the ground up to maximize serviceability, the Kestrel 22 is the most user friendly firearm suppressor in existence. Whether you are looking for outstanding suppression, safety, multi-caliber usage, ease of maintenance, weight, length, longevity, or price, the Kestrel has the features you are looking for.


Huntertown Arms is known for its superior sound suppression, and the Kestrel is no exception. The Kestrel compares favorably to the best in class suppressors on the market today, a testimony to our commitment to provide the best sound suppression possible. The baffle stack is based upon our Guardian 22, one of the quietest .22 suppressors available. We made the core out of stainless steel for durability and strength, and modified the baffle to fully encase the baffle in front of it. The Kestrel core, when properly seated with the specially designed Kestrel endcaps provides a sealed core preventing lead, carbon and other contaminants from escaping the core and building up between the core and suppressor tube. Cleaning is a breeze.


Just because you can take a suppressor apart when it's clean doesn't make it user serviceable. How many manufacturers claim to have user serviceable suppressors, but when you use it you find out their claims are just that - claims. Their special tools break, don't work, or you didn't buy them because they wanted an extra $50.

Even if the tool worked, you can't get the suppressor apart to clean it yourself, after as few as a couple hundred rounds fired.

With the Kestrel full user servicability is truely a reality. We are so confident you will be able to service the Kestrel yourself we offer the only clean suppressor guarantee in the industry. If your Kestrel gets so dirty you can't clean it yourself, send it back to us and we'll clean it for free. Yes, free. Who else makes such a guarantee? How can we do this?

The Kestrel core is constructed of stainless steel for superior cleanability. You can use chemical solutions safe to stainless steel but that remove nasty lead deposits (the "Dip"). The core breaks down so that you can put it into a reloading tumbler, or use a bead blaster for fast and efficient cleaning. And unlike other monocore technologies, you can dip your Kestrel core without worrying about damaging the exposed finish on your core.

Kestrel baffles are fully encased for superior strength and to prevent lead and carbon buildup between the core and the tube, even after thousands of rounds fired. This provides for quick and easy removal of your Kestrel core, without the hassle or need of pushers or other devices to remove it.

And as with all Huntertown Arms suppressors, all it takes to remove your end caps is a standard, box end, or crescent wrench, a bench vise, pair of pliers, or any other tool that can grab a standard socket. No special tools required. Ever.


There are several features designed into the Kestrel to ensure your safe and enjoyable use of the Kestrel beyond a lifetime.

Most bullet strikes on a suppressor occur on the end cap. Our end caps are made of softer aluminum so that if there is an end cap strike, the end cap will give way causing minimal if any damage to the rest of your Kestrel. Your Kestrel end cap can be easily replaced without having to replace the entire core.

We are huge proponents of stacked bafle technology for another reason. With a monocore, there is only one blast baffle. When that blast baffle erodes, the core has to be replaced. This may or may not be a warranty repair, but in any event you have lost the use of your suppressor while it is at the manufacturer for repair.

Kestrel core baffles should be rotated (like tires) whenever the core is cleaned. With 5 baffles available to act as blast baffles, the Kestrel will allow up to 5 times the number of rounds fired before re-coring.

The Kestrel 22 also has a stainless steel rear end cap (not just an insert like a lot of other suppressors) to allay any concern about cross threading.


The Kestrel core is fully encased in an inner stainless steel wall. In the event of an internal baffle strike, the inner core is strong enough to capture the damaged projectile and baffle material, protecting the tube as much as possible against catastrophic failure.


What's your caliber of choice? 22LR? 22 WMR? 17HMR? 5.7x28? 22 Hornet? Whatever it is, rest easy knowing your Kestrel was designed to handle the pressures generated. Constructed of high strength stainless steel, the Kestrel core provides a structural inner wall thicker than most manufacturers use for their outer tube. We then fully enclose the core in an outer tube, providing a double wall for safety and to maintain a superior finish even when using chemical solvents to clean your core.

Supported Calibers: 17 Mach2, 17 HMR, .22LR, .22 WMR, 5.7x28, .22 Hornet
Full Auto: Yes (except 5.7 and 22 Hornet, which are semi-auto only)
Overall Length: 6 inches
Diameter: 1.085 inches
Weight: 8 ounces
Core Material: Stainless Steel
Tube Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Finish: Hardcoated Matte Black Anodizing
Threads: 1/2" - 28
MSRP: $399.00

User Manual

Click here to view the Guardian 22 User Manual.


Huntertown Arms warrants its suppressors for life against everything but stupid. Click here to see our warranty.

In addition, the Kestrel 22 has a lifetime cleanability guarantee. If at any time you are unable to clean your Kestrel 22, send it to us and we'll clean it for free.