Current Production Status

April 7, 2014

Huntertown Arms has experienced rapid, hockey-stick like growth since its inception 4 years ago. As part of an ongoing effort to deliver the best possible product to the market at the best price point in the industry, in 2013 we initiated a program to redesign the entire Huntertown Arms product line to incorporate lessons learned as well as provide a product facelift and build a brand identity for our customers. Throughout 2014 these new products will be injected into the pipeline.

The first silencer released in our redesign was the Guardian .22, which has been a huge commercial success. Sales have doubled expectations. Better than 30% of G22 orders have shipped. The remainder will ship as soon as ATF approval is received.

Guardian 9s are currently in production, and have encountered a typical yet higher than normal frequency of production delays. We have shipped a small quantity. More will be shipped within the next few weeks as they are built.

The first run of the new Titanium Chameleon silencers are in production. Barring unforeseen circumstances, they will be delivered to one of our distributors within the next couple months.

We had hoped to announce the new Kestrel line of centerfire rifle cans. The release of the Kestrels has been delayed for several reasons, boiling down to one - As CEO of Huntertown Arms I will not allow a single can to leave my possession unless and until I am certain that it will perform as intended. We are working as quickly as possible to release the Kestrels. The bad news is that we are not quite there yet, and we are out of parts to build any more of the first generation silencers. The good news is that when we do get there, we will have the capacity to produce many silencers very quickly.

If Huntertown Arms suffers from anything, it is a supply / demand issue. We lack the capacity to meet the incredible and growing demand for our silencers. This is where other companies start to raise prices. We have never had a price increase, and don't anticipate any on the horizon.

We have placed orders for equipment that will double our capacity to help alleviate the machine constraints we are currently operating under. We have also entered into agreements that will increase our external capacity in the future. In other words, we are doing what is necessary to meet the market demands for our products.

Huntertown Arms appreciates our customers. Rest assured that everyone is working as hard as possible to meet your needs. We appreciate your business and your patience as we work through this growth period.