Centerfire Rifle Suppressors

The growing Huntertown Arms centerfire rifle offering has expanded to include two separate lines, the Chameleon and Kestrel. The rock-solid Kestrel 22 is a 5.7 capable suppressor with best in class suppression at a best in class price. The Kestrel 5.56 provides a user serviceable 5.56 suppressor weighing less than 20 ounces and less than 6.5 inches long. Finally, the Kestrel 7.62AK was specifically designed for 7.62x39 AK type rifles. Containing the same features as the Kestrel 5.56, the Kestrel 7.62 AK is both hearing and wallet safe.

Chameleon (Titanium) Series

Kestrel (Stainless Steel) Series